James Striemer
Pro Shop Manager

Whether you are looking to book a tournament or need new grips on your clubs, Jim is the one to talk to. He can easily assist you with choosing the right clubs, golf balls or golfing accessories.


Chantal Lescieux
Kitchen Operator

Chantal Lescieux

Ryan Boyle
Maintenance and Grounds Crew Manager

You are golfing a course proudly maintained by its staff. Ryan is the ringleader that keeps greens green and rough …not too rough. If you have a tournament where you want the pins to be a bit more challenging, just ask and he will find a way to accommodate you.

Keho Board of Directors

Chantal is looking forward to meet her new clientele.


Keho Park Recreational Society

2020 Board Members:  

George Van Dellen, President  -

Gary McLean, Vice President (Pro Shop) -

Bruce Bell (Grounds keeping)  -

Jay Harris (Grounds keeping)  -

Jerry Gysbers (Campground)  -

Marc Royer (Campground)  -

Don Wilson (Kitchen)  -



Secretary/Treasurer - Jen Pike  -


Pro Shop Staff


Assistant Manager - Kathy Van Dellen
Sales Assistant - Barbara Keay

Sales Assistant - Candi Brewin

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